Open the rise

I started thinking today about my youth. As a child I felt free. I acted free, my thoughts, my being, my self, all of it was free. I grew up free, a new experience a new architect for the future. It’s the exact opposite of what is happening around me today.

We had bake sales. Oh my gawd! What was going on in the kitchens of those people we bought brownies and cakes from? Did they taste the batter? Did they wash their hands? Oh my gosh what were we thinking? When we eat out, do we think about all the mouths that shared the stainless steel forks we use in public?

Where do we hope the 2017 info world will guide us into? Do we stop what was normal in exchange for a sterile existence for our own health and well-being or do we keep the blinders on and drudge forward into this unknown net neutral world? Where do we go? I’m not sure if our web presence is as neutral as we may think.

We the web are fighting for our voices to be heard. We the web want to reflect the nightmares of our present day! We want a digital footprint of the experiences we have endured. I’m so confused. How can we cull through the clutter to grasp the culture? Time has way too much influence. Let’s destroy time. Let’s experience. I’m not asking for clarity but I expect action with all this access we’ve no excuse make it happen! Make it make sense I’m too much with this world and often forget my role but you, you can do it.

I swear one day I’m going to disconnect. But I’m a photographer, how can I?

Soundtrack for this moment: Mellow Trip Thru the Desert


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