Turning the Page


Waking each day day to the view of the mountains has really helped me in more ways than I could have known. Leaving home, friends and family for the complete unknown was made slightly more doable because of that view.

On the short winter days I still feel a bit lost and I wake up and wonder where I am. Often I still ask why we made this decision to move 2000 miles away from everything we’ve ever known. I keep thinking that in time I will acclimate to this new environment so far from the sun. The sun that I once hated and avoided, I now long for.

Years ago we had decided that one day we would move to Washington state. We were just waiting for the right time. Timing is everything. In time I know this will feel like home, or at least I hope it will. Cold, wet, dark and rainy is good in moderation, but every day for five months, lord help me, is all I can say for now.

Currently Listening to Horse Feathers: Fit Against the Country


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