They’re Everywhere!

15376572864_d5f5cec824_oI had no idea that I would see so many slugs! Well, here in the Pacific Northwest these slimy, squishy and huge slugs are seriously everywhere.

Each one has its own look, but they all surprise me as I find them under and over every path I walk along. Carefully I side step them so as not to leave an odd splotch on the walkway towards the door.

I think it’s the rainforest like canopy that surrounds me out here, that makes this area highly inclined to produce such a large community of these creatures.

While I was in Alaska this summer, in Ketchikan they mentioned that they have an annual slug race. I recently discovered this great blog that mentions how slugs are great for the forest. They also have a podcast on that site and discuss the annual Blueberry Arts Festival, that’s where they hold the slug races. 🙂


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