Winter is a Coming In


I’ve always loved winter. The crisp smells of the turning leaves, the brisk breeze and the long nights. As a native Texan, I often did not get to enjoy these nuances, but here in the Pacific Northwest these winter days come early, the days are short, but the winters are long. No one warned me about the 5 months of constant rain. It’s been a huge adjustment for me to make. The first 3 weeks, had me in the fetal position ready to turn on my heels, admit my failure and give in to my fear of the elements, but somehow I have managed to endure.

Here’s hoping for a nice, warm and blissful summer  🙂

There was a choral group Clemencic Consort that sang Carmina Burana. I heard them once sing a song titled “Summer is Icumen in” (by the by don’t listen to the Carl Orff version of Carmina Burana they don’t do it justice). There’s a poem with a similar name (Winter is Icummen In) it’s referred to as “Ancient Music” by Ezra Pound. I read it back in my days in university. It is a parody of the Middle English song mentioned above. I always giggle about the words in that poem, you can view it here. I hope it brings you many winter nights filled with laughter too…


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